TV’s Bachelorettes Banish Bad Breath With Therabreath

October 18, 2008

Bad breath won’t stop the bachelorettes on one of America’s most popular television shows from landing their dream guy.

According to a press release issued by the California Breath Clinics in Los Angeles, California, producers of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ have selected TheraBreath for the second consecutive year to provide gift bags stocked with premium breath care products for the show’s contestants. TheraBreath gift bags will also be featured on and be part of give-aways to fans on ABC and through People magazine.

Virtually everyone is familiar with this popular reality show, which revolves around a group of young ladies who compete to win the heart of a handsome and eligible Bachelor. Fresh breath is particularly important to the contestants, who travel with the Bachelor to exotic locations on intimate dates. To avoid any chance of embarrassment and make sure everyone’s breath is kissably fresh and clean, all show participants will receive TheraBreath Oral Rinse, TheraBreath Toothpaste, French Kiss Gum and other TheraBreath products.

Even if you’re not on TV in front of millions, you still need to make fresh breath part of your daily routine. When you have to be sure your breath is at its freshest, there’s only one brand to trust – TheraBreath!

Halitosis Helper: How to Tell Someone They Have Bad Breath

March 15, 2008

We all know people who suffer from situational or chronic halitosis. Nobody wants to have bad breath, but people who do usually don’t know it because of a phenomenon called acclimation. In essence, the body gets used to the smell of its own breath so it can still smell other things.

Telling someone they have situational bad breath is the easiest bad breath conundrum to solve. Everyone realizes that some foods – onions and garlic are common examples – can cause brief episodes of bad breath. Offering that person a breath mint after a meal is an easy and relatively inoffensive way to get the message across.

Helping those who have chronic halitosis can be more challenging. When bad breath becomes chronic because of tonsil stones or the build-up of odor-causing bacteria in the tongue or gums, it’s time to offer serious help. Still, most of us are probably not comfortable getting up close and personal with a friend or co-worker and telling them face-to-face about their problem.

A good way to offer help and still remain anonymous in doing so can be found at the web site of Dr. Harold Katz, founder of the California Breath Clinics and the creator of Therabreath products. The site lets you send a caring but anonymous email to someone who needs to know they have bad breath, suggesting helpful solutions to their problem.

This halitosis helper gets high marks. There’s hardly an easier way to tell a friend, relative or coworker about their bad breath.

One final thought: If you’re concerned that no one has told you about a halitosis problem of your own, take this virtual breath test today!

Why Can’t I Smell My Own Bad Breath?

January 16, 2008

Most people who have chronic bad breath are very much aware that they have severe halitosis. A friend will usually tell them they have a problem, or they’ll draw their own conclusions when coworkers begin avoiding one-on-one conversations or when a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend pulls away from a kiss.

Surprisingly, perhaps, it’s almost impossible to smell your own bad breath. You’ve probably tried cupping your hand in front of your face, exhaling through your mouth and then sniffing for the odor that others find so offensive.

The reason this doesn’t work is a phenomenon called acclimation. Basically, our body acclimates, or gets used to, its own odors and smells and then learns to ignore them.

If you stop and think about it, acclimation makes a lot of sense. If we were able to smell our own breath, we wouldn’t be able to smell our food, or a bouquet of flowers, or any of the other smells we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

There is a simple way to experience the smell of your own breath. Wash your hands and then lick the back of one hand with your tongue. Wait about 10 or 15 seconds so your saliva can dry. Then smell the area of the hand that you licked. If it smells bad, it’s because the bacteria that cause bad breath have left a smelly layer of sulfur compounds on your hand. It will probably smell like a rotten egg or musty old socks.

If this simple test reveals that you have bad breath, you may want to try an oral rinse that oxygenates your mouth and inhibits the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

You can also learn all about bad breath causes and cures from The Bad Breath Bible, a free ebook written by Dr. Harold Katz, founder of the California Breath Clinics.

The Truth About Tonsil Stones

January 4, 2008

Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, can produce breath so foul that some writers have called their odor the “death aroma”. Made of white or yellow-white calcium salts, tonsilloliths lodge in crevasses in the tonsils. These so-called crypts also trap food, making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause severe halitosis.

Get the complete story about tonsil stones by reading “How To Prevent Tonsil Stones”.

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