Popular Bad Breath Rinse Now In A New “Green” Bottle

June 12, 2009

TheraBreath has completely redesigned the packaging for its popular TheraBreath Oral Rinse to make it more ecologically friendly, easier to open and easier to find on the bathroom shelf. The new eco-friendly bottle has a striking green color that underscores TheraBreath’s commitment to making products that are effective at combating bad breath, tonsil stones and morning breath while remaining “green” in every sense of the word.

Inside the bottle, says TheraBreath founder Dr. Harold Katz, the time-tested and trusted TheraBreath formula remains the same. But outside, there’s a list of features that make the new packaging concept both ecologically and user friendly:

  • TheraBreath has eliminated the outer box and inserts of the TheraBreath Oral Rinse sold in retail stores, saving over 150 tons of landfill trash per year and hundreds of trees annually!
  • A new interior safety seal now has a convenient pull tab, making the bottle much easier to open.
  • The bottle’s new label expands for additional instructions and special money saving offers, reducing the need for additional paper.
  • The bottle is made with the most easily recyclable resin and the label is printed with ecologically friendly inks for the lowest environmental impact possible.
  • TheraBreath now requires all of its manufacturing partners to have a published statement of ecological responsibility.
  • The new bright green color is easily visible on the shelf making it easier to spot in a crowded bathroom.

TheraBreath is already shipping the new bottle to customers who rely on TheraBreath products to fight tonsil stones, morning breath and chronic bad breath.

Bottom line: Try TheraBreath, you’ll like it!

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