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Tonsil stones (also called tonsilloliths) afflict millions of people in the United States. Besides causing bad breath, tonsil stones also cause the unpleasant sensation of having a foreign object lodged in the back of the throat.

Several ebooks now being sold on the Internet champion a variety of natural remedies for preventing tonsil stones. You may also want to try an oxygenating rinse and nasal sinus drops to combat the buildup of bacteria and mucous that causes tonsil stones.

If you have other questions about tonsil stones, bad breath or halitosis, the Bad Breath Bible has answers. This easy-to-read book reveals the most important cause of bad breath — it isn't onions or garlic — and a treatment program that's sure to put a stop to your bad breath or tonsil stones.

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Tonsil Stones Causes – What Causes Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones are caused when dead cells, mucous and bacteria collect in the tonsil crypts, small pockets in the tonsils that trap and retain debris. Over time, this debris calcifies, or hardens, into tiny stone-like objects that are usually white, off-white, or yellowish-white in color. Many people who have tonsil stones can actually see these […]

White Spots On Tonsils – Are They Tonsil Stones?

White spots on tonsils are a common complaint and can have a variety of causes, including tonsil stones, tonsillitis and even a strep infection. Tonsil stones usually present as tiny, hard stone-like objects that are white or yellow-white in color. They form in the tonsil crypts, small pocket-like structures in the tonsils that collect bacteria, […]

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