Top Ten Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

October 23, 2008

If you have chronic bad breath, it’s important to follow a simple but proven daily routine that’s sure to help improve the quality of your breath. Here’s a list of ten fresh breath tips that are sure to prevent bad breath.

1. Don’t Forget Your Tongue
Even if you brush and floss several times a day, the bacteria responsible for bad breath can still be present on or in the tongue. Use a non-gagging tongue scraper to gently clean your tongue after you brush.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water
A dry mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bad breath bacteria. Drinking plenty of water helps create an environment where it’s difficult for these bacteria to thrive.

3. Keep Cool
Stress makes your bad breath worse. Take a deep breath and relax!

4. Watch Out For Sugar
Breath mints and chewing gum that contain sugar can feed the bacteria that produce the sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. Stay away from sugar to prevent bad breath and keep your breath smelling sweet.

5. Don’t Cover Up Your Bad Breath – Prevent It
Most breath mints use sugar or artificial flavors to mask bad breath instead of preventing it. You might want to try ZOX, the first breath mint to actually neutralize bad breath production without sugar or artificial flavors.

6. Try Blowing Your Nose More Frequently
Excess mucous is a potent food source for the bacteria that cause bad breath.

7. Stay Away From Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Almost all drugstore toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a foaming agent that dries out the oral cavity and that has also been linked to canker sores. TheraBreath Toothpaste is SLS free!

8. Take Medication With Lots Of Water
Many over-the-counter and prescription medications list dry mouth, bad breath, or taste disorders as possible side effects. Drinking lots of water when taking meds can help keep the oral cavity moist and prevent bad breath.

9. Here’s A No-Brainer: Stop Smoking!
Smoking immediately causes bad breath. Kick the habit to stay kissable and healthy for many years to come.

10. Oxygenate! Oxygenate! Oxygenate!
Bacteria that cause bad breath are anaerobic and thrive in an environment where oxygen levels are low. Use clinically proven TheraBreath products to oxygenate your mouth and prevent these bacteria from causing your bad breath.

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