Tonsil Stones and How I Triumphed Over Them With the Help of My 4-Year Old Daughter


If you have tonsil stones and suffer from the embarrassing bad breath they cause, I’m extremely relieved you found my personal story. I’m Sandy Jameson and that’s me with my 4-year old daughter, Molly.

I’m hoping my problems with tonsil stones and how I nearly lost  daughter because of them — at least that’s how it felt when she pulled away from my kiss — will inspire you to take action and end your problems with tonsil stones, too.

To be honest, I had tonsil stones for many months before I took action or knew what they were.

Mine were quite large and I could actually feel something uncomfortable in the back of my throat. When I finally looked in the mirror and saw something white protruding from my tonsils, I decided it was time to do some research on the Web.

I googled “white spots on tonsils” and that’s when I discovered the truth about tonsil stones.

Although they do look a little like tiny white stones, they’re actually hard, calcified accumulations of bacteria, food and other debris like mucous and post-nasal drip. The stones lodge in crevasses in the tonsils called tonsil crypts, where they putrefy and cause incredibly foul-smelling breath.

During my research on tonsil stones, I also learned it’s almost impossible to smell your own bad breath because of something called acclimation. Basically, the nose learns to ignore our own odors so they don’t interfere with our true sense of smell.

So, if you have bad breath, you’re usually the last one to know.

This was definitely true for me. As a recently divorced single mom, I didn’t have a boyfriend to tell me about my bad breath. Sure, I had noticed that my coworkers sometimes seemed to pull away from me in close-up conversation, but no one ever mentioned a thing.

It took my 4-year old daughter to finally open my eyes. When I picked her up one day and went to kiss my pride and joy, Molly wrinkled her nose and pulled firmly away.

“Mommy, your breath smells.”

It wasn’t an isolated incident. Over the next week or so, the same thing happened four or five times.

For me, that was it. Something had to be done.

The next day I went back over to one of the websites where I did my original research about tonsil stones.

I liked the site because the owner, Dr. Harold Katz, was both a dentist and a microbiologist. He obviously took a serious, scientific approach to the problem of bad breath. Hundreds of people download his free ebook, the Bad Breath Bible, every day.

Besides providing a ton of free information, the website has products that help people with chronic halitosis, the kind of bad breath that just doesn’t respond to flossing, brushing and drugstore mouthwashes.

There was even a Tonsil Stones Starter Kit that came with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I ordered the kit and religiously followed the detailed directions for using the AktivOxigen rinse, Nasal-Sinus drops, Extinguisher spray and other ingredients.

And you know what?

Therabreath worked for me right out of the box.

When I looked in the mirror today, just 3 weeks after ordering the Kit, I could no longer see any tonsil stones!

And what about my daughter and my bad breath?

Well, Molly ran over and kissed me just a few minutes ago.

After nearly losing her to tonsil stones, I’ve got my daughter back!

Click here to visit the TheraBreath website now.

Compensation Disclosure: This site receives compensation for referred sales of some or all mentioned products and services.

Compensation Disclosure: This site receives compensation for referred sales of some or all mentioned products and services.